Using CCcam is in Europe is not legal

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Posted on April 2, 2018 at 12:00 PM

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What is CCcam?

CCcam is a cardsharing protocol that enables users to watch satellite tv using a linux satellite tv set top box that connected to the cccam cardsharing server via the internet. Cardsharing server must have real local satellite tv subscription cards with encrypted keys, those keys will be shared with end users. CCcam is also known as IKS (internet key sharing) but IKS is not a protocol like Cccam, IKS uses Newcamd protocol and in CCcam industry they named it as N line and for CCcam they called it as C lines. both IKS and CCcam are not legal to use with pay tv subscriptions. Yes it is illegal.

How to find a good CCcam cline or nline?

It is not simple, you can not find good quality Cline or nline on the internet. Because The latency between card sharing server to end user is very high then sharing the encrypted keys to end user will be late and you will be experiencing the freeze channels. If you need freezeless channels you can setup your own cardsharing server at your home and share the subscription card between rooms in house. That also not legit but its depend on the satellite tv provider.

“Unlimited Cccam” is it possible?

Unlimited is a marketing keyword that lot of cccam cardsharing providers advertise their service to get more sales, So no one can provide unlimited CCcam.

Who is the best CCcam Provider?

Best CCcam Provider is not exist in this world :D

What are the payment methods that Cccam Providers accept?

Lot of CCcam providers around the internet accept PayPal and Skrill as main payment service but nowadays they are moving to crypto currency like bitcoins. But the problem is end users are not ready to pay using those currencies yet.

What is the difference between IPTV and CCcam ?

IPTV standard is internet protocol television, that means streaming of TV channel content via Internet Protocol (IP) networks, this can be done over the internet or over the ISP’s local network (also known as cable TV). when you use internet for watch IPTV, you will need big quota of DATA. also need good bandwidth. For CCcam this is totally different and it will use few kilobytes of data to receive data to satellite box. CCcam is not stream channels over the internet and it will grab the channel content using the satellite dish. That channel will be encrypted by using the key That shared from the cardsharing server.

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